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Here is an entry where I will write something about the movies I've watched. I will make an extra cut for each movie. Be prepared for a lot of fan-girling/rambling text!! XD
None of these should be seen as critics. It's not my job to write those nor am I very talented. Just thoughts of a young crazy girl about movies, nothing less, nothing more!!

Original title: "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor"
Watched: 06.08.2008, German-synchronized

First of all: OMG!!! JET LI!!!!!!!!♥
I can't really remember the first two films (I don't even know if I saw the second one ?___?) so I cannot really compare them. I really liked the idea of having a film about mummies NOT settled in Egypt but in China. I love Asian culture so that was definitely a plus for that film XD The story itself: I think it could have been a really cool and wonderful story, especially because that said tomb really exists (I'm not sure if it's really the tomb of the Dragon Emperor, but a tomb with thousands of stone soldiers defnitely exists), but I had the feeling that they wanted to make jokes really bad, so they put them everywhere and sometimes it was just a little bit too much! Maybe one or two more serious scenes wouldn't hurt that movie. And I don't like Brendan Fraser that much. Yes he can be funny sometimes, but there are also times when he (and the film itself) just tried too hard (at least in my opinion).
Jet Li played the evil part, but I really liked his role. And I really love Jet Li as an actor!! His fighting scene with Michelle Yeoh was great, sadly it didn't last that long.
Towards the end Brendan Fraser had to fight against Jet Li...and in the end he beat him up. AS IF!!! COME ON!!! BRENDAN FRASER BEATING UP JET LI??? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!! That was really a O_____o moment for me.
All in all I have to say: it was a middle-class film. Some gags were really funny and the story had really a good start. Just the way the acted the story out, was not the best.
If you love the other parts go and watch it. China is a nice change to Egypt and the story is partly true. You will see all the old characters again, just the actress of Evelyn O'Connell was changed. Or you are like me and only watch the movie because of Jet Li!!! XD (He looked great with his long hair ♥______♥)

Original title: "Underworld & Underworld Evolution"
Watched: 24.08.2008, German-synchronized
Cast Underworld // Cast Underworld Evolution
Plot Underworld // Plot Underworld Evolution

I really do. I was fascinated by them since I first heard about them. So it was only natural for me to watch movies that deal with vampires. And though some are not really that good I think the Underworld series is a really good story about vampires. I also love Kate Beckinsale as an actress and she was fantastic! The whole plot was really interesting and not the normal 'omg vampires who kill innocent humans gotta shoot them down'. I liked that the setting was the present time and that there was a story behind the war between vampires and lycans and that the story was slowly revealed throughout the two films. I have to say that sometimes it was really hard to follow who is who and who did what and when I watched the movies for the first time I was really confused. But it also made me think about that movie harder. I don't think there will be a third part. As much as I love this series, all they could have done with that story was done and a third part would only destroy everything.
The tension between Selene and Michael was really visible in the first movie and I was happy when they finally got together in the second movie, because it wasn't that kind of cheesy movie-coming-together. It didn't disturb the film, but made the whole story a little bit more...'romantic' XD
The action scenes were really cool, although sometimes I just couldn't tell what's happening, but I think that happens to me all the time when I'm watching fighting scenes XD
And I loved Selene's clothing what a stupid comment XD
All in all I can say, two of my favourite movies. I never get really tired to watch them and they are great!! Nothing else to add.

Original title: "Der Baader Meinhof Komplex"
Watched: don't remember anymore, when it was in the cinemas^^, German (original)
cast(German) // cast(English)
plot(German) // plot(English)

This is a German movie and it is one of the few German movies I really liked!! It deals with a part of German history not a lot of people know about, because most German "historic" movies deal with the second world war and the Nazis. I was always very interested in that left-orientated organisation. Although some people think that the persons in the movie are shown better than they really were I don't think so. They had good ideas and good plans, they just used the wrong tactics and means to promote their ideas. Especially killing people is something I cannot relate to at all!! But I guess people who will be influenced to do something similar only due to this movie are stupid. You should know that killing people is not the right way and if you don't you can't blame a movie/book/game. It was also a very good choice of actors and there was a lot of energy and progress in the movie. Especially the scenes when they started to attack public buildings and the scenes in prison were really intense! If you're interested in German history WATCH IT!!

Original title: "Shinobi"
Watched: don't remember anymore, longer ago, Japanese (Original) with English - subtitles

Normally I'm not the type to watch historical Asian movies but this one was really good!! I found it on purpose one night and watched it because there wasn't anything better XD Although I don't like historical Asian movies I always like the setting of them. The nature, the costumes, the traditions all seems so 'strange' (to the Western culture) but the same time it looks like everything is in harmony and peace. The names of the characters were also really interesting, because I knew some of them from other movies like Hattori Hanzo. The story was a kind of Romeo-Julia story but it wasn't cheesy at all. And I enjoyed the fact that there wasn't a happy ending. I know that sounds strange, but I think sometimes a film cannot end with a happy end!!
The one guy, Yashamaru, OMG!!! HE WAS HOT!! *________* And I was sooo sad when he died really early at the beginning ;________;
Right now, that I think about it, the story kind of reminded me of Fushigi Yuugi.
I really loved the whole Asian feeling with flying sakura flowers and mystery and kimonos and all that stuff!! *___*

Original title: "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa"
Watched: 28.12.2008, German-synchronized

I'm a little bit tired, but I will write this neverthless. I watched the movie yesterday with two of my friends. I really liked part 1, especially King Julien. I LOVE HIM ♥ I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT, I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT, I LIKE TO...MOVE IT!!! And the four penguins. In the German-version their voices are spoken by a famous rap/hip-hop group, which every German knows and they are really funny. I think the story wasn't that great, it was nothing special, though it wasn't really bad. It was nice to see, how they react when being back in Africa and again there was the friendship/tension-issue between Alex and Marty and Melman finally got to confess to Gloria (which was hillarious by the way XD), but I think the film had really great jokes and I'm kinda biased because of Juline and the penguins XD
A quote:
Julien: [to Maurice, as they are in a plane] It's more fun when you raise your arms up like this, ah ha ha ha!
I love him, he's soo crazy!!!
It was a funny movie, especially if you are in the movie-theater and there are other people, who laugh, too. Maybe not the greatest animation-movie out there, but I guess if you like Madagascar and crazy characters you should watch it ^___^
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