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~lies are true if we believe them~
21 November 2030 @ 08:44 pm


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As the banner says...this journal is friends only.
Just comment to be added!!! You don't have to say why you want to add me, just comment!!
However some things will stay open for everyone (such as my resources post).
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~lies are true if we believe them~
22 August 2010 @ 12:05 am
Title:Without you (oneshot)
Pairings:Junsu/Jay, Junsu/Jiyong (friendship)
Warning: boyxboy, deals with Jay leaving
Disclaimer:If I owned them, be sure I wouldn't write fanfiction ^^
A/N:I don't hate Jay and I'm not happy about the whole thing, this is just fiction and how the story goes; English is not my first language; beta-ed by the wonderful lost_view

So he goes for the only little piece of freedom, of security he knows: Jay.Collapse )
~lies are true if we believe them~
17 July 2010 @ 05:31 pm
Title:Maybe in another world (oneshot)
Pairings:Junsu/Jay, Junsu/Taecyeon
Warning: character death, slight sexual content, mentions of murder
Disclaimer:If I owned them, be sure I wouldn't write fanfiction ^^
A/N: Vampire-AU; English is not my first language; beta-ed by the wonderful lost_view; this is something that just came to my mind, I hope you enjoy it =)

You swore yourself the day you met him that you will die through his hand.Collapse )
~lies are true if we believe them~
19 April 2010 @ 01:21 am
I wanted to write down a few things before I forget them though I probably already forgot some stuff XD.

The concert was really great!!
I guess it was the same as with the Dir en grey concert. I wasn't that hyped up in the beginning but in the end it was one of the best concerts!!
The atmosphere was great, the band was in a very good mood and everyone had a lot of fun =)
It was their tour final for the European tour.
So here some highlights:

+ Maya was really cute!! He talked a lot although we didn't always understand what he wanted to tell us *lol*
He had so much fun and said "Thank you"/"Dankeschön"(Thank you in German) a lot of times.
+ Aiji was rather quiet but sometimes he grinned like a fool XD
+ The whole band, even the staff/manager(?) at the side were singing along and dancing the whole time. Just a great atmosphere!
+ Maya always said "Atsui!!!" the whole time because it was really hot and when he turned to Aiji saying "Atsui, ne?" Aiji ignored him *lol*
+ Maya always asked if we were okay! So cute!!! =^.^=
+ It was Jun's, the keyboarder's, birthday and at the beginning some fans sang 'Happy Birthday' to him. He was really touched ^^ And later we all sang together and they even brought a cake for him!! He then made a 'rawr'-sound and tried to eat the cake like a dog *lol*
The others laughed at him and Maya just said 'Kanpai!' XD
+ Maya asked what Japanese words we know and someone shouted 'Kawaii'
--> Maya: "Kawaii? Aiji wa kawaii desu!!!"
Crowd: *goes crazy*
Aiji: *throws plec at Maya*
Maya: *giggles* "Aiji kakoii desu" XDD
+ Before singing 'Oh my Juliet' Maya asked us "Where is my Juliet" and everyone was screaming XD
+ Maya let us sing the beginning of '88' =)
+ He enjoyed talking to the audience a lot and made us repeat a lot of variations of 'Yeah' ^^
+ He tried to talk some German at the beginning with the help of a paper but it didn't go that well '^^
+ He also said many times, that he's gonna miss us!! *awww*
+ He also took the cap of one of the girls in the audience, put in on for one song and then gave it back =)
+ Denki-man and Jun had to drink one bottle of Becks (German beer) each XDDD
+ Before Denki-man had to drink his bottle of beer Maya ordered him to come to the front of the stage. He pointed there and said "KOKO NI!!" XD
+ Maya always asked "What song do you wanna have next?" and tried to get the right song XD
For Sentimental Piggy Romance he made a 'V'-sign *lol*
+ There was a girl crying and Maya saw it and he was really worried. He asked her what's wrong but it seems she cried because she was so happy!!^^
+ Maya was really nice to the fans. He gave water-bottles around. He also spit a lot of water but sometimes he missed the fans and hit himself and the others *lol*
+ When he introduced the other members he said "MY members" XDD
+ He also told us all their last names!!
+ Near the end he got a translator, because he wanted to say a lot of stuff to us but couldn't really express that in English...I can't repeat it word by word but I'll try to get the gist of it:
"Thank you very much. We really like it here. We have to go back and you will miss us but we will miss you, too. We are happy we can spend this special day, the tour final, here. We will try to come back soon. We know you always write us messages on facebook and myspace and we read them all and we really appreciate them. We know you have sometimes stress at home with your parents or friends or loved-ones but we will try to make you happy with our music!!! (He probably said that because of the crying girl '^^)"
+ Although Aiji was really quiet the whole time he got kind of emotional at the end. He said thank you and bowed. A full 90° bow!!! And quite long!! It also looked like he was at the verge of crying!
+ They also held up a huge banner the fans made (with a lot of signatures) at the end and all in all it seemed like they were really touched and enjoyed the concert very much!! <33
+ At the very end, Maya put his finger to his lips making us quiet and said "I love you" without the mic!

Set-list: (This is not in order and I think some songs are missing @___@)

- John
- Ghost Heart
- Punky Heart
- Oh my Juliet
- 88
- Edo Funk
- Days
- Metally
- Crazy a go go
- Sentimental Piggy Romance
- Bell the cat
- Liar Liar (?)

- Boys & Girls
- Rock the LM.C

I think that was all.
If you know anything else, especially for the set-list, let me know =)
I hope they'll come back soon, that was an amazing concert!! ♥
~lies are true if we believe them~
03 January 2010 @ 04:53 pm
symbol codesCollapse )
~lies are true if we believe them~
30 November 2009 @ 10:55 pm
OMG!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!*crying and shaking*
I just watched a 'trailer' for Ninja Assasin on TV...well actually I just heard it and missed seeing it ;________;
BUT, BUT!!!!! NINJA ASSASIN!!! That means it will be here soon *cries even more*
OMG!!! I think I'll have some fangirl moments at the cinema *lol*
And I let out a little squeal right now...oh god! Rain in cinema...and Joon *_________*
Now I can go to sleep ^^
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~lies are true if we believe them~
19 September 2009 @ 10:08 pm
bold things that are true

I‘ve never watched Titanic.
I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice. (but I watched it ^^)
I’ve never been drunk.
I’ve never played Laser Tag.
I’ve never skipped in a public place.
I’ve never sung at an inappropriate moment.
I’ve never cried over a movie.
I’ve never cried reading a book.
I’ve never cried while watching a TV show.
I’ve never owned a music player.
I’ve never made a Twitter.
I’ve never read anything by Charles Dickens.
I’ve never been in love.
I’ve never skipped school.
I’ve never owned a rabbit.
I’ve never sung solo in front of a crowd of 100+ people.
I’ve never played Guitar Hero.
I’ve never had more than four siblings.
I’ve never jumped off a swing.
I’ve never been camping. (at least not real camping ^^)
I’ve never watched an episode of QI
I’ve never watched a Heath Ledger movie.
I’ve never watched High School Musical.
I’ve never made a sibling cry. (well I don't have any XD)
I’ve never stolen anything.
I’ve never broken the law.
I’ve never jumped in the sea fully clothed.
I’ve never passed on a chain letter.
I’ve never met a celebrity. (ISSHI!!!!!!! ♥ XD)
I’ve never written fanfiction.
I’ve never gone scuba diving
I’ve never dyed my hair. (LOL)
I’ve never had a tattoo.
I’ve never watched WWE on TV.
I’ve never taken part in a sports contest.
I’ve never been to a football match.
I’ve never danced to a Michael Jackson song.
I’ve never watched a sunset.
I’ve never played a musical instrument.
I’ve never sky dived.
I’ve never eaten fish.
I’ve never read Twilight.
I’ve never punched someone.
I’ve never swam with a dolphin
I’ve never broken a bone.
I’ve never danced well.
I’ve never been arrested.
I’ve never owned a Playstation Three.
I’ve never watched a Batman movie.
I’ve never sang at a Karaoke Night.
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~lies are true if we believe them~
27 July 2009 @ 10:13 pm
From Dr. Polidori's Lord Ruthven to Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen, the annals of vampire lore are filled with attractive, charming bloodsuckers. Which one would you most want to be bitten by?

Now I thought this question is easy to answer since I really love vampires...and then I sit here and try to come up with anyone *sighs*
Aaliyah (in Queen of the Damned)...I know she's a woman but she was really hot in that movie and I love her!!!! <33 Maybe Alucard, too XD And the two main characters from Vampire Knight ^^
~lies are true if we believe them~
08 June 2009 @ 12:26 am
Although I just had 2 weeks of vacation I feel so tired and exhausted...maybe the three last days with parties where too much XD

And now, meme-time!!

? Are you single ? Yes
? Are you happy ? Depends on the situation
? Are you bored ? Sometimes^^
? Are you sad ? Right now, no
? Are you Italian ? No
? Are you German ? 3/4
? Are you Asian ? No
? Are you angry ? Too often...I like to bitch at my friends about random stuff XD
? Are you Irish ? No
? Are your parents still married ? No, they're at the process of divorcing

? Birth Place ? Tettnang, Germany
? Hair Color ? natural: light brown/ash yellow // right now: dark brown
? Hair Style ? sometimes curls // sometimes just straight // sometimes 'wild' XD
? Eye color ? Brown
? Birthday ? November 21th 1989
? Mood ? Exhausted
? Gender ? Female
? Lefty or Righty ? eating: lefty // everything else: righty
? Summer or Winter ? Both!!^^
? Morning or Afternoon ? Afternoon

? Are you in love ? Yes, although it's not good for me
? Do you believe in love at first sight ? Yes!
? Who ended your last relationship ? I can't really remember!
? Have you ever been hurt ? Not that I remember
? Have you ever broken someone’s heart ? I hope not, but I think so ;___;
? Are you friends with your ex ? Not really but we still talk to eachother
? Are you afraid of commitment ? A bit
? Have you hugged someone within the last week? ? I guess ^^
? Have you ever had a secret admirer ? I think so XD
? Have you ever broken your own heart? ? Too many times -.-

? Love or Lust ? Can I get both *grins*
? Lemonade or Iced tea ? Iced tea!!
? Cats or Dogs ? Cats ♥
? A few best friends or many regular friends ? Best friends
? Television or Internet ? Internet (I'm lost without internet -.-)
? Pepsi or Coke ? Coca!
? Wild night out or romantic night in ? wild night out!!
? Pink or Purple ? PINK...or purple? *confused*
? Day or Night ? Night
? IM or Phone ? IM

? Been caught sneaking out ? no^^
? Fell down the stairs ? down and UP XD
? White water rafted ? nope...
? Finished an entire jawbreaker ? I guess...
? Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? ? Yes
? Prank called a store ? No...I was a nice child *coughs*
? Skipped School ? Yes XD
? Wanted to disappear ? YES!!

? Smile or Eyes ? Both!
? Light or Dark Hair ? Depends on the person
? Fat or Skinny ? Normal?!
? Shorter or Taller ? Taller
? Intelligence or Attraction ? Both xD
? Jock or Nerd ? hmmm...
? Hook-up or Relationship ? depends with whom XD
? Funny and poor OR Rich and serious ? I don't think that money matters...it's a nice 'addition' but nothin more
? Play the guitar or into sports ? Guitar...or dancing XD

? Last Phone Call/Text ? Phone: Helga // Text: Helga?
? Last phone call you received ? Helga^^
? Last person you hung out with ? guys from my grade^^
? Last person you hugged ? Helga?!
? Last person you IM'ed ? Michael
? Last thing you ate ? Bread with sausage^^
? Last thing you drank ? Apple juice
? Last site you went to ? livejournal XD
? Last place you were ? outside: school // inside: my bathroom

? Are you in a committed relationship ? No..
? Do you want to be ? Yes I would ;___;
? When was your last relationship ? 2 and a half years ago
? Have you ever loved a guy/girl more than anything else in the world? ? I don't think so
? Do you still love them ? -
? Do you like someone right now ? Yes, I do.

? Do you and your family get along ? No, not really!
? Would you say you have a "fucked up life"? Definitely!
? Have you ever run away from home ? I tried!
? If so, how long ? I didn't get far, so maybe only for a few hours
? Have you ever gotten kicked out ? No.
? If so, how long ? -

? Do you secretly hate one of your friends ? Not really hate...but I'm annoyed by this person >____>
? Do you consider all of your friends good friends ? Hmm...
? Do you trust all your friends ? I trust a few of them!
? Would you die for your best friend(s) ? Knowing myself, yes I would!
? Who knows everything about you ? Me?^^
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