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"Looking at you, holding my breath, for once in my life I'm scared to death"

~lies are true if we believe them~
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Welcome to my journal!! ^__^
I am blacksoul12012, you can call me Blacky!
18 years old
stubborn; crazy; loyal; friendly; jrock-obsessed; creative
languages: German, English, French (though it's not the best^^) and very little Japanese

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♥ my friends
♥ music
♥ sleeping long
♥ Photoshop
♥ movies


- elitists
- intolerance
- having to get up early in the morning
- ignorance


music: gazette, alice nine, d, danger gang, dir en grey, d'espairs ray, ancafe, ayabie, dollis marry, nightmare, screw, sid, 12012, vidoll, wizard, x-japan, sug, nirvana, linkin park, die ärzte, super junior, dong bang shi ki, topcombine, big bang
movies: death note, battle royale I&II, Underworld, Sin City, Attack on the Pin-up boys, Punch Lady, Apartement, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Madagascar, Romeo must die
band: ♥ the GazettE ♥
jrocker: Aoi ♥
jdramas: Kimi wa petto
sports: dancing
subject (school): english, music
drink: cocktails, coffee (with A LOT of sugar and milk XD), tea,baileys
food: all Asian food, 'Kässpätzle'

This journal is friends-only so if you want to be added, just comment here
I have a graphics journal, def_tragedy. Please visit it.
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